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When you enroll before midnight on December 31, 2021 you automatically become a lifetime member of the Founder's Club, an Exsyted Influencer, and you get the following benefits:

  • Exsyted Business Services and Support $100 value paid annually
  • One year subscription to virtual meeting platform, $180 value (100% discount coupon awarded upon public launch for the first year)
  • Lifetime membership in the Founder's Club
  • Registration and Authorization to be an Exsyted Independent Influencer, $100 value (50% discount for founders' club)
  • Authorization to market and sell Exsyted products and services
  • Independent Influencers Association membership, $25 value
  • Automatic participation in the Compensation Plan
  • Performance Bonuses and Reward programs
  • Wholesale pricing of select products and services
  • Additional Founders Club Performance Bonus*
  • Preferential seating at live in-person events*
  • Bio in the Founder's Club web gallery
  • Reduced annual renewal fee $99 value (50% discount for founders' club)
  • Our unwavering thanks and devotion to you for helping us get everything moving!

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