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Doc Amor, as most people call him, has over a decade of direct selling experience in numerous fields.  He started out as a Doctor of Veterinarian medicine working for a very large national corporation.  After years of being paid what the corporation said he was worth, not what his true value was, he set out to change his life and improve his financial health.  Making a career change as a network marketer and direct sales affiliate allowed him to retire and do what he loves most, spending time with family.

Take time to know Doc Amor and you will find a sincere individual who has your best interests at heart and will help you achieve your dreams and goals in whatever endeavor you choose.

I'm super EXSYTED to share my story with you! My years of work experience include hospitality, inside & outside sales, as well as making money online going on 22 years. I co-own Wild Huckleberry Magic, LLC, which we make and sell a huckleberry puree and I am a licensed real estate broker in WA State. I've sold mortgage services, network security, life insurance, industrial equipment, posters & doodles, among others. I've created websites, built lists, marketed/advertised, drop shipped and networked with some really cool and amazing people throughout the world.

"It's not what you know, it's who you know," is the first thing I learned once out of college and it's true today as I was introduced to the owners of Exsyted by someone I had worked with before. When I realized the life-changing potential that Exsyted is now and will be, I know that it will change my life and yours as well.  To do that I need to do everything in my power to assist you in changing yours!

Exsyted has named me Chairman of the Advisory Council and my task is to grow Exsyted to monster levels, but I cannot do that without your help. So, Exsyted will reward you for sharing us with others and you will be paid within 24 hours on every sale you make AND once qualified, you receive monthly and quarterly commissions from Exsyted's total profits. Forbes estimates our Industry will grow to over $500 billion in the next 6 years. Help us capture just 1% of this industry, which will be about 5 Billion Dollars, so you can benefit immensely. How much of Exsyted's $2-$3 billion profit do you want for yourself?!!!!!!!!!

Not only that, if you are a top leader, I have the power to name you to our Advisory Council to assist in the long term vision of Exsyted, which will give you a share of the 6% profit pool set exclusively for those on the council. With extra bonuses like vacations, cars, houses and more, NOW is the time to join! Exsyted offers a real opportunity, with real products and services in an expanding market, not some vapor like other companies push. We have everything you need to be successful, simply plug in and start sharing today!

A lifetime of work and a solid work ethic has built Rodney into a man of deep character, honesty and integrity.  After spending almost 40 years in the corporate world Rodney made a choice to step forward and change his life by helping you change yours for the better.  You can rely on Rodney to help you see the light when times are down.  You can rely on him to tell you straight.  Family is happiness for Rodney.  Family values are everything and Rodney carries those values over into business.

I have worked in the team-building space with real estate, crypto, forex and other asset classes. I have decades of experience in these different fields (with the exception of crypto, which I have been involved in since 2017).  My method always involves heavy utilization of internet marketing. This combination of things is exciting, robust, and rewarding. My experience lies in helping you earn money. 

I help people achieve time freedom by having financial freedom. This economic freedom then enables people to have choices in their lives that are not be dependent on the income from a job or vocation ultimately. You have self-determination completely as you succeed, and what is better than that?

You can have both money and time to enjoy it!